We want to be THE place to help Canadians to connect their lives with technology. We have the latest gadgets and digital services. Our stores are designed to be interactive. So now we are looking for enthusiastic, tech-savvy, interesting, and interested team members to join our retail and Koodo team.

What's in store for you?

Quick quiz:

1. Did you line-up with your friends to get the latest phone?

2. Do you have gadgets up and running in minutes?

3. Does everyone ask you for advice on the hottest tech?

4. Are you charming, hilarious, and really fun at parties?

If you answered “yes” then we could really use someone like you. There are lots of different roles on our team. Our store managers, assistant store managers, client support facilitators, and sales representatives share ideas, answer questions and generally take care of our customers. And, if you take care of our customers, we’ll take really good care of you. We have all the great things you would expect from TELUS, like competitive pay and benefits. You can also build a career here. We have lots of opportunities for curious, customer-focused, hardworking team members. If this sounds like you, then join us.

What you can expect from TELUS


Passionate about helping people

Our dream is that customers are so impressed with our service they want to come back…and bring their friends. To do that, we’ve got to mesh. The whole team has to be passionate about helping people. We work together, we all have the same goals, and helping each other is encouraged. Get in on the dream team – you’d like it here.


Empowering support

This is going to sound a bit “corporate”, but our best-in-class customer experience is built on a culture of support, passion, and learning. We know you can’t support our customers if you don’t feel supported. That’s why you get great training and development to build on your talents and to prepare you for your next career move.


Work-life balance

We love what we do, but we also know that it is just one part of who we are. We believe in balance and go out of our way to make sure our team enjoys it. In TELUS Stores, students can set their availability around their studies and parents know their home life won’t have to suffer just because they are dedicated to their careers. Work-life balance is as important to us as it is to you.


Improving lives

At TELUS Stores, everyday tasks make a big difference in people’s lives. We bring the Internet to a customer’s first home or we get them started on a personal transformation with a wearable and an app. And throughout the year, our team takes time to volunteer and fundraise for groups in our communities. We love helping our customers and improving people’s lives.

A day in the life in retail

A whole new TELUS shopping experience has arrived. These new TELUS stores are designed with customer experience in mind, bringing together a carefully curated selection of the hottest brands and the latest technology to complement your digital and connected lifestyle.

We love helping our customers


Number of retail team members promoted into various positions each year


Money raised for charities in 2015 by team members who sold more than 15,840 critters

14,000 hours

Volunteered by over 600 team members across Canada in 2015 at 216 different charities

"TELUS has equipped me with the tools and trust to handle any situation. In my role, I can impact our success and make things better. My managers empower me to make the best decision for my customers and my store. At TELUS, I can grow my career while having fun."

Sierra Hegney, TELUS Sales Rep (Trinity Commons)

"I’ve been with TELUS for 13 years now. In this time, I’ve watched the company flourish into a place that cares not only about putting customers first but their team members, too. I’ve held many different roles and there’s always room and encouragement to grow. The training programs are like no other – they allow us to provide the best possible experience for our customers. I’ve also taken on personal roles as wife and mother. TELUS gives me the flexibility to have work-life balance to make sure my family comes first.

Mikki Reed, TELUS Store Manager, Tillsonburg Town Centre

"I love working for Koodo because our priority is putting customers first. We build a connection with our customers. We work hard to make sure every customer leaves our shop happy. One of the things I admire most about Koodo is the positivity we share amongst our teams and support staff, and the level of engagement within our teams. We are encouraged to build our careers and develop ourselves through different programs, learning plans, and goal setting."

Farrah Aspinall, Koodo Store Manager, Bayshore Shopping Centre