Save a cool $840

Get PureFibre® Internet 300 from $75/mo. View deal

Save a cool $840 : Get PureFibre® Internet 300 from $75/mo. View Deal

Use code: WINTER

Save a cool $840: Get PureFibre® Internet 300 from $75/mo. View Deal Use code: WINTER

The PureFibre difference

See why TELUS PureFibre® is Canada's most reliable internet technology.

The difference between TELUS and everyone else


TELUS PureFibre Internet is a fibre optic cable direct to your home. With PureFibre, your internet is only your internet.

Other providers

With other providers, their fibre cable ends before it gets to your home. It’s split and shared with neighbours, meaning multiple households compete for the same bandwidth and connection.

Having your own internet matters

You’re on a video conference and suddenly your screenshare won’t load. Turns out, it’s now peak internet hours – your neighbours are home streaming shows, gaming and scrolling their feeds. 

This happens when internet cables and connections are shared amongst a neighbourhood, and when download and upload speeds aren’t fast enough to handle all the connectivity at once. Direct, fast internet lets you be online without having to worry who else is, too.

Download and upload speeds

Download speed is all about receiving data. It’s for:

  • Browsing websites

  • Streaming music

  • Streaming video

Upload speed is all about sending data. It’s for:

  • Video conferencing

  • Sending large files (like photos)

  • Online video gaming

Compare for yourself

Most internet service providers have “asymmetrical” plans, with upload speeds being much lower than download speeds. PureFibre plans are “symmetrical.” Upload and download speeds are the same because only TELUS offers a 100% fibre optic connection that runs direct to your home.

Our fastest internet planShaw’s fastest internet plan
Top upload speed2500 Mbps100 Mbps
Top download speed2500 Mbps1500 Mbps

You get choice with TELUS

Find the speed for you

With PureFibre, eligible homes can get symmetrical speeds up to 2500 Mbps. Though not everyone needs that. No matter which plan you sign up for, you’ll get an internet connection that’s always reliable, even during peak hours when everyone is video calling, streaming, and gaming. Not sure how fast your internet is now?

Netflix and Optik TV – better together.

Stream better with TELUS PureFibre, consistently ranked by the Netflix ISP Speed Index in the #1 Tier since January 2021.

How you get the good stuff

Our next-gen Wi-Fi 6 hardware, a router with tri-band technology, distributes the signal throughout your house, ensuring you have a strong, consistent connection in every room on every device. Wi-Fi Plus is an option if you need more coverage with customized installation and support.

Experience Canada’s fastest internet

Our network is the fastest most reliable internet technology available. Named Canada’s fastest major internet provider three years in a row by PCMag.

See if PureFibre is in your area

Now that you know how fantastic PureFibre Internet is

Sign up for the fast, reliable connection only 100% fibre direct to your home can bring. Get PureFibre Gigabit Internet for just $89/mo.