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Creating a unified, trusted and sustainable value chain

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Picture of the author

Helping solve for inefficiencies in the way we produce, distribute and consume food and consumer goods

We deliver actionable digital solutions and data insights that connect the global supply chain, driving more efficient production processes and improving safety, quality and sustainability of outputs, all in a way that’s traceable and clear to the end consumer.



Driving efficient production and better connecting to partners and consumers

Consumer Goods

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Food, beverage and consumer goods

Enabling more informed decisions by integrating systems to drive profitable growth

A foundation for growth

We invest in technology solutions that meaningfully impact primary production and sustainability across the food and consumer goods value chain. Our global team empowers value chain participants with advanced data and artificial intelligence solutions that streamline operations, improve traceability and provide consumers with healthier food and sustainable consumer goods.

Analytics and insights

Solutions that ingest, transform, clean and enrich data so it’s quickly actionable for better operational, financial or market insights.

Integration and Internet of Things (IoT)

Solutions that integrate data from multiple platforms and IoT sources to provide holistic and accurate insights.

Production management and collaboration

Solutions that organize and optimize production to maximize efficiencies, yield and profit, while minimizing environmental impact.

Sales and marketing optimization

Solutions that enable efficient marketing efforts by improving visibility, agility and management of resources through to the end customer.

Connected logistics

Solutions that optimize and monitor movement of goods to reduce spoilage and improve efficiency.

Supply chain, traceability and sustainability

Solutions that improve visibility, agility and responsiveness of inbound and outbound supply chains while delivering against safety and sustainability goals.

Creating better producer-to-consumer outcomes

We’re on a mission to create better producer-to-consumer outcomes.

Our brands

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